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Live Portrait Artist

Live painting provides you with a cherished keepsake that captures your special day in a unique and memorable way.  It also serves as a fun, interactive source of entertainment for your guests. 

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I'm Annie Flood, and I launched Stroke of Whimsy when I decided to return to my artistic roots at the beginning of 2019. I grew up drawing and creating fine art, so after working as a freelance graphic designer for several years, the call of pen and paper "drew" me away from the screen and back to hands-on creating.


Now I have a small home studio, and have the pleasure of throwing paint and ink and clay around on a regular basis. It's wonderful. When I'm not doing art or working the "Day Job," I'm adventuring with my two dogs and parakeet, reading a fantasy novel, or working on one-of-a-million renovation projects on my 80's split-level house with my husband.



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