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any commission of an in-studio painting. Offer includes oils, acrylics, and ink illustrations of any size. 

Complete the form at the bottom of this page and mention the 2022 NC Bridal Expo to receive your discount. 

Paintings & Illustrations

 What Would You Like Me to Create?

All I need is a well-lit photograph as a reference. Whether you want a painting of your horse, dog, home, favorite nephew or yourself, send me one or two images in an email and I will work from those as I paint.

What Size is the Right Fit?

When choosing the right size, consider where you might hang the piece once it's finished and framed. Also consider how many subjects are in your image. Make sure they can all fit without needing to make them too small. 

What Payment Option Do You Prefer?

Once we've finalized the size, subject, and medium, a deposit is made via Paypal*, Venmo, or a good old fashion check in the mail. 

*Subject to additional transaction fee.



When Do You Get the Finished Product?

Turnaround is dependent on several variables. Acrylics dry in minutes or hours, whereas oils take months to properly cure, and then have to be varnished. It also depends on my schedule and how many commissions I have on my list. If you need the commission by a certain deadline, please let me know and I'll do my best to find a deadline that works for both of us. 


What Medium is Best for You?

The main considerations when choosing between media are turnaround, color richness, and price.


Acrylics: If you're looking for a budget friendly option and a quick turnaround, acrylics are probably the best fit.

Oils: If you value the traditional richness of oil pigments and you can wait a few months, oils are the way to go.


Sketches: Additionally, if you're looking for something fun and casual, consider a simple sketch in pen and ink!


Paintings & Illustrations

Prices below are for single-subject paintings. If you are interested in a family portrait or have multiple pets, there is an additional charge per subject. Please contact me for a detailed quote. 

Discounted Price
Discounted Price
30 x 40
24 x 36
18 x 24
16 x 20
05 x 07
08 x 10
11 x 14

past commissions.

Jonathan Portrait
Atley Portrait
Tango Commission
Paisley Portrait

Interested in commissioning a painting?

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